Facebook will delete your Oculus purchases if deactivate your social media



Facebook will be deleting Oculus purchases for anyone who deletes their social media account. 

With the social media giant now making the migration of an Oculus account into that of a Facebook account, there’s already the worry of Oculus store purchases being deleted for those who don’t wish to change their accounts. However, there’s now more reasons to be worried.

Reported by Upload VR, the social media company has revealed that, while original Oculus owners week be able to use their products with no loss to functionality up to January 1st, 2023, those who decide to deactivate their accounts after migration will lose everything.

Twitter user Cix posted a deeper look at the new terms of service that users of the VR service will have to abide by as Facebook continues to force it’s way into more of the platform.

In a new clause regarding the deletion or deactivation of a social media account that has been tied to an Oculus user’s ID, that user will see the removal of all of their stuff.

“Deleting your Facebook account takes away all your games, purchases, and progress,” the Twitter user posted.

With the recently released Quest 2 headsets requiring users to set up using a Facebook account, it’s clear that the social media company is only planning to increase its presence from now on.

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