The Epic Games Mega Sale is back with four weeks of free game offers, discounts on titles both big and small, and coupons galore.

The event is kicking off with the incredible deal of 100% off GTA V. That’s right – the free weekly offering from Epic Games is none other than Rockstar’s iconic action-adventure game that’s still rocking the world 7 years after launch.

As with most of its free offerings, GTA V will be 100% off for a whole week, before being replaced with another game. That gives you until May 21st to snap up a copy of the game for yourself.

Note: If you’re trying to access the Epic Games Store to redeem GTA V but you’re not getting anywhere, just have patience. As of publishing on May 14th at 5:45pm BST, the store is having some technical issues.

Epic has promised that each week of the Epic Games Mega Sale will be accompanied by the “opening of the Epic Vault” and free game offers “that you simply can’t miss,” so stay tuned for more free deals.

Other offers include 50% off Control, 10% off Satisfactory, 50% off Borderlands 3, up to 40% off Red Dead Redemption 2, and 35% off The Outer Worlds.

If you’re here for coupons, good news! Epic is giving every single player a $10 (or equivalent currency) Epic Coupon. Use this coupon to buy eligible content of $14.99 (or equivalent currency) or more on the Epic Games store during the sale and you’ll receive another coupon.

Coupons expire on November 1st, 2020, at 2:59am EST. For more information, check out the official Epic Games Mega Sale FAQ by following the link here. Happy gaming!