Elon Musk will remove legacy Blue checks on Twitter

February 12, 2023

After taking over as the chief of Twitter, Elon Musk completely revamped the platform’s Blue subscription model. The microblogging site made it mandatory for users to purchase the Blue subscription to get verified on the platform. However, it was still unclear what would happen to those who earned the Verified badge before Musk introduced the changes.

In reply to a tweet, Elon Musk has finally clarified what would happen to legacy Blue ticks. It is now confirmed that Twitter will remove the legacy Blue checks from accounts holding them because Musk thinks that “those are the ones that are truly corrupt.” However, it is unclear when Twitter will start removing legacy Blue checks.

By removing the legacy Blue Verified badge, Twitter will force them to buy a new Blue subscription that starts at $8 a month. It can be considered an attempt to increase the revenue of the microblogging site. Besides the Blue subscription, Twitter is also planning to release a new paid plan to offer a completely ad-free experience. Understandably, it will cost higher than the existing Blue subscription.

Twitter recently made another significant change to its platform by enabling creators to earn money from the platform. The company has started sharing ad revenues with creators by displaying advertisements in replies. However, it is currently limited to Blue subscribers in the United States. The ability to post long-form content on Twitter is another feature Blue subscribers received recently. Musk’s ultimate goal is to make Twitter an everything app and eventually become a profitable entity.

If you use Twitter, what do you think about the company’s upcoming plan to increase its revenue? Do you think it will make the microblogging site a better place or worse? Let us know in the comments section.

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