Elon Musk announces Twitter will share ad revenues with creators

February 4, 2023

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To empower creators to produce more content on Twitter, Elon Musk has announced that the microblogging site will share ad revenues with them. The Twitter chief has also shared some details on how the entire process of ad revenue sharing will work. However, one major caveat is that not everyone can earn money this way on Twitter.

Musk, on his Twitter account, has announced that only Twitter Verified customers are eligible to be part of this revenue-sharing program. In simple words, it means you need to purchase a Twitter Blue subscription, and then only Twitter will unlock the benefit for you. However, more details on what ratio ad revenues will be split are yet to come. It also remains unclear whether creators will have the option to demonetize tweets at their convenience. Currently, YouTube offers creators a 55% share and also gives creators a choice to demonetize content if they want.

Starting today, Twitter will place advertisements in replies threads of tweets published by creators who are subscribed to Twitter Blue. While revenue sharing will give creators more opportunities to increase their earnings, regular Twitter users will be bombarded with more ads, which could be frustrating. For those who want a clean Twitter experience, Twitter is working on another subscription plan that will cost more than the Blue offering and display zero advertisements.

The new ad revenue-sharing system on Twitter seems to have not gone live in most parts of the world. It looks like people in the US are getting it first. However, more regions will be added in the coming days. But remember, since it requires a Blue subscription, countries where Blue has not launched yet will not get the capability.

If you have sizeable Twitter followers and a Blue subscription, do you plan to monetize your tweets? Let us know in the comments section.

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