Back in 2019, we reported that Google is working on a new feature that would warn users when they are accessing possible phishing websites. Called Lookalike URLs the feature would show a warning when Chrome or Edge users try to access a slightly modified URL of a popular website. This is usually used by hackers to trick users into thinking they are accessing the correct website. For instance, if a user types instead of, the browser will check if the user meant to type

Microsoft has now adopted the same feature and is currently available on Edge Canary and Dev. The feature is expected to roll out as a part of the v82 update. If you’re using Edge Canary or Edge Dev then you can enable the feature by going to Privacy and Services option under Setting. Microsoft Edge Developer Eric Lawrence confirmed the rollout of the feature earlier today.

Unlike Google, Microsoft will be using its own service and Bing to identify the correct URLs and redirecting the user to the correct website to ensure they are not a victim of a possible phishing attack.

Via Techdows