Upcoming Google Chrome’s feature will save you from deceptive websites

by Anmol
February 4, 2019
Google Chrome

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Google is working on a new feature to protect users from deceptive websites that look similar to their genuineĀ counterparts. We have seen incidents in the past where users gave away their credentials because the phishing site looked identical to the actual website.

According to a new Chromium posting, Google is working on identifying and suggesting users when they make a typo in the popular URLs which sometimes lead them to the look-alike phishing website. For instance, if a user types foogle.com instead of google.com, the browser will check if the user meant to type google.com.

Currently, the feature is being tested on the Canary build of Chrome but is expected to make its way soon to the public version. For now, if you’re interested in trying out the new feature, then you can type “chrome://flags/#enable-lookalike-URL-navigation-suggestions” in the address bar and click enabled and relaunch Chrome to enable the feature.

Via: Techdows

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