E3 2020 cancellation inbound amid Coronavirus concerns



A rumoured E3 2020 cancellation is setting the annual trade show up for a no-show for the first time since 1996.

The rumours started late last night where indie publisher Devolver Digital warned fans and peers to, “Cancel your E3 flights and hotels, y’all.” As a high-profile indie publisher that has often started its disregard for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, recently creating their own hilarious trade shows, it’s ironic that Devolver would break the news first.

Devolver Digital - E3 2018 Full Press Conference [HD]

According to Bloomberg News, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is warning publishers about the impending cancellation. Instead of the normal show, the ESA is “exploring options for an online E3 event this summer.” Expect more livestreams, like Xbox’s GDC 2020 stream.

With the quickly approaching reality of next-generation consoles with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, E3 2020 was set to be a colossal year for console manufacturers and AAA publishers.

While Sony has already announced that they would not be attending E3 2020, a running trend for the platform holder, Xbox was planning on a massive show.

Instead of the colossal trade show, we should expect each publisher to put on their own independent shows. While Nintendo will certainly have their staple Nintendo Direct, we should expect Xbox, Ubisoft and EA to follow suit.

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