Destiny 2 now has knockoff Halo weapons

December 8, 2021
Destiny 2 Bungie 30th

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In celebration of their 30th anniversary, Bungie has added an assortment of Halo, Myth, and Maraton themed weapons to Destiny 2.

The new weapons, which are being added to Destiny 2 as part of a free weapons cache, include off-brand ‘replicas’ of Halo’s iconic Magnum, Battle Rifle, Pulse Carbine, and Energy Sword, as well as a pair of weapons inspired by previous Bungie games Myth and Marathon.

Alongside the weapons, players will be able to enjoy a new six-player activity, Dares of Eternity. In this raid “Xûr (and a horse made of stars) invites you to play a game. Spin a giant wheel, impress the eternal equine, and leave footprints in gold as you make your way through Xûr’s Treasure Hoard.”

As part of their 30th-anniversary celebrations, Bungie has also launched the Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, which includes a new three-player dungeon, Grasp of Avarice, as well as the return of the fan-favourite Gjallarhorn rocket launcher for $24.99.

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If you’re looking for actual Halo weaponry in your game, then you’re in luck, as we’re just a few short hours, and then a 30GB download, away from the launch of Halo Infinite’s campaign, which is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and also on Xbox Game Pass.

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