Dell releases new, detailed patent for foldable PC

by Atiya
November 7, 2019

News of Dell’s dual-screened, foldable Windows 10 device first came to light over a year ago; for which the company has since filed many different patents.

In a new patent, we can see the hinge design which creates a visible gap in the closed state.  The device with the hinge gap is likely to feature a folding screen , similar to Samsung’s folding PC.

Also included in the patent is an alternative hinge design, which allows the laptop to close without a gap:

Here we can see display borders, which move via a roller, and assist in folding and help prevent damage:

FIGS. 22A and 22B depicting an assembly in a closed and planar configuration;

Figures 22A and 22B depict a side sectional view of an exemplary embodiment of a roll assembly in closed and planar configurations that aids in managing sliding movement of the display frame structure relative to housing sections;

The foldable PC is predicted to be released in the second half of 2020 and will include the much anticipated Windows 10X– a version of Windows 10 that has been tailored to dual-screen devices.

Source: Windowsunited

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