This might be a sneak peak into Dell’s upcoming foldable PC

by Rahul
August 15, 2019

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Foldable PCs, theoretically, have the potential to blur the differences between smartphones and PCs. The world might finally merge into one as both foldable PCs and smartphones will try to mimic each other. Although the number of manufacturers working on foldable PCs is relatively low compared to the number of companies making foldable smartphones, there are a few manufacturers who are betting big on foldable PCs.

Dell is one such company who seems to be actively working on its foldable PCs. The PC manufacturer recently filed a patent, in which they briefly discussed the foldable PCs they might introduce to the market.

As first spotted by WindowsLatest,  titled ‘Information Handling System Narrow Width Hinge,’ the patent from Dell talks about a dual-screen device and how it rotates about a narrow width dual axles hinge, the synchronization of which will be controlled by what Dell called “a gear assembly.”

“A gear assembly synchronizes motion about the dual axles at one end of the dual axles, the gear assembly having brackets to couple to each housing portion. Torque brackets couple to the opposite end of the dual axles, each torque bracket couple to a housing portion and resisting rotation of the housing portions by generating friction at the axle,” Dell explains.

Having a narrow width hinge has its own benefits — the narrower the width of the hinge, the narrower the gap between the display becomes, making the display of the device less distracting. The bezels are also thin.

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