Leaked demo app confirms Dell is working on a dual-screened Windows 10 device

by Surur
May 31, 2018

We posted last night on a new rumour that Dell was working on a dual-screened Windows 10 on ARM device which had several phone-like characteristics.

Now a demo application has popped up on the web, discovered by MSPoweruser.com reader KL, which appears to point to the rumour being very real.

The application requires is made by a firm specializing in demos and requires 2 PCs to run, one for each half of the likely hinged device.

The app is currently hard-coded to a specific setup, but this can be adjusted in the config file, according to WalkignCat.

I’ve not been able to run it yet, but I suspect when we do it will unlock a treasure trove of Andromeda news.

Two versions of the app have been found (1,2). Adventurous readers may want to grab the executable before Dell removes it, and let us know your results below. This is of course at your own risk.

Thanks, KL for the tip.

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