Dead Space to reportedly launch in fall of 2022

August 6, 2021
Dead Space Remake

In a new report from VentureBeat, Dead Space is supposedly planned to release sometime in fall of next year, according to their sources familiar with the game’s development. 

After being announced in last moths EA Play Live, the Dead Space remake, which is also plainly titled Dead Space, is still shrouded in mystery as the reveal teaser trailer didn’t show too much.

Notably, we were left without a release date for the next-gen exclusive remake however thanks to VentureBeat’s sources, it appears that Dead Space may launch sometime in late 2022. Internally, however, EA is apparently expecting a launch anytime within the next fiscal year which ends in March 2023, VentureBeat notes. 

In a hopeful shot at getting any actual details, VentureBeat reached out to EA for comment, however, they refused to confirm any details, only saying that “we haven’t shared a release date for the game, and we don’t have any comment based on the current rumor and speculation. But we’re glad people are excited for the game!”

Even a provisional 2022/2023 fiscal year release date may still be susceptible to change, as recently, while we’re hopefully now in the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a number of studios struggle with remote working which has caused games to be delayed.

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Whenever the Dead Space remake does launch, it’s rumoured that it will include past cut content from the original game, while also including features and improvements from the game’s sequels to refine the original gameplay.

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