DayZ studio Bohemia Interactive shuttered but updates will still come


28, 2020

Bohemia Interactive, the studio behind the standalone release of DayZ, has closed down.

The closure of the Bratislava based Bohemia Interactive studio is said to not be affecting the release of upcoming DayZ updates that the developer announced earlier this year.

“We recently closed our Bratislava studio,” the game development studio revealed on Twitter. “It was a mutual decision between management and studio leads, and we want to thank all team members for their contribution.”

Players can still expect updates to improve server-side stability, much-needed bug fixes, and overall gameplay improvements to base building, environments and the game’s underlying systems.

Bohemia Interactive are also working on bringing official modding support to DayZ with full server mission folders for custom communities to create their own versions of DayZ. New weapons, vehicles and mechanics are also in development.

For our thoughts on the launch version of DayZ Standalone, check out our full review here at MSPoweruser.

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