Darksiders 3 is getting a highly requested update today


11, 2019

Darksiders 3 will finally be getting a highly requested feature in an update today.

Armageddon Mode may sound like a terrifying addition to Gunfire Games’ Darksiders 3 but it’s actually just New Game +. However, New Game + has been requested since the game’s release.

In an announcement on Twitter, developer Gunfire Games announced the new mode which will be a free update for all Darksiders 3 owners.

“Prepare for Armageddon Mode,” they announced. “Take the adventure again in this free update to Darksiders 3!”

“Feeling ambitious? We are also introducing Reckoning mode for those brave souls who think Apocalyptic is not challenging enough!”

Despite its rather rocky launch, Darksiders 3 has seen a substantial number of upgrades. With upgrades that changed key aspects of the game’s combat to simple performance improvements, it’s clearly a well-supported product.

Hopefully, Darksiders 3 is now in a good place. Despite how much we enjoyed playing the game, in our review we found it to be a technical disaster. Over time, it may have been improved but our fears still persist.

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