Uh oh, looks like Borderlands 3’s release date is no longer a secret!

Twitter user Wario64, known for posting video game related news, managed to spot a tweet from Gearbox Software before a very rapid deletion process. The tweet? Borderlands 3’s release date.

In Gearbox’s tweet, they state: “Mayhem is Coming September 13.” Also, they said pre-orders would award you with a Gold Weapons Skins Pack. Very Borderlands.

Alongside the video, Gearbox also released a short trailer showcasing the game’s plans to launch on Epic Games Store. While it wasn’t stated if the game would be a launch exclusive there, like Metro Exodus, Steam was absent.

Borderlands 3 was only announced last week at PAX, but new details are set to emerge this Wednesday. Hopefully, we’ll see a solid release date, although we should assume that this accidental leak is solid enough. It may be April Fools, but mistakes always happen.

In other Borderlands news, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is getting a 4K upgrade on April 3rd. Also, it’s on sale! Check it out here.