After the announcement of Black Desert Online’s cross-play functionality, many fans of the Korean MMO were upset at the presumed lack of focus on keeping content and performance up to snuff for PS4 players. 

We’ve been told by a Pearl Abyss representative that Black Desert Online for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will see updated for both parity and performance reasons.

“PlayStation 4 users will get all of the current Xbox One content on March 4th,” a Pearl Abyss representative told us.

While PlayStation 4 players are currently substantially behind on content compared to Xbox One at the moment, all players will be experiencing the same content as of March 3rd.

As for performance, we’ve always been told that some improvements will be made for PlayStation owners of the MMO game.

“For the performance issue for PS4, we have been and will be trying our best to solve the issue,” said our Pearl Abyss representative. “We know that experience for users can vary depending on the type of console, internet speed, and SSD, but we continue our efforts for optimization.”

However, we were also told that, “Based on the level of optimization,  the new region Kamasylvia will be a pleasant experience for users.”