Bing gets 15/150 per day chat limit, improved Balanced mode

March 14, 2023
Microsoft Bing

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Microsoft has now raised the Bing Chat limit to 150 a day. Aside from this, some enhancements to the chatbot’s Balanced mode have been made, “resulting in shorter, quicker responses.”

After increasing Bing’s bot turn limit last week from 100 to 120, Microsoft made another bump to its query capacity. Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft, confirmed the improvement in a recent Twitter post, adding that the turn limit for users before having to refresh the conversation was raised to 15.

In addition to the chat limit, Mehdi said the team also improved the Balanced mode of Bing Chat, which should help the bot generate shorter yet efficient responses. Meanwhile, Mehdi said that no other changes were made to the two other modes, the Creative and Precise modes.

The series of improvements were made after Microsoft announced that the new Bing finally reached more than 100 million daily active users, describing it as a “surprisingly notable figure,” though it also admitted that it remains “a small, low, single digit share player” in the search industry. 

Despite this, Bing has huge potential beyond basic search purposes. Recently, Microsoft tried promoting Bing as a game guide bot for the gaming community. According to Microsoft, the chatbot can answer a wide variety of game questions, even vague queries about specific characters or quests. Recently, other users have also shared different experiences where Bing proved its worth in providing practical solutions to real-world problems. In one of the latest Reddit posts, a story was shared about how Bing helped a user on a bot stuck in France by providing useful instant solutions that usually take time for someone to find in a conventional search process.

What are your thoughts about it? In what practical ways do you use Bing Chat, and how the increase in chat limit will help you better use the bot?

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