Bethesda detail Starfield’s Settled Systems



In a new video, Bethesda lay down the lore on their latest IP coming in 2022, Starfield, by briefly delving into the Settled Systems.

According to the new video and Bethesda Game Studios design director Emil Pagliarulo, Starfield’s Settled Systems is going to be a rather expansive area, with the zone extending outwards from our own solar system for about 50 light-years.

Set in 2330, your journey in Starfield begins roughly 20 years after an expansive war between the Settled Systems two largest factions, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. With an uneasy peace having been settled those factions there’s now plenty of exploring to be done.

That’s where you come in, as as a member of the Constellation organisation, you’re “committed to uncovering the mysteries of the galaxy,” and lucky you, as that galaxy is looking very snazzy in the concept art which is shown off throughout the new video. 

It doesn’t appear that it’ll all be plain sailing, however, as Pagliarulo explains in the video that there are still “plenty of threats out there like ecliptic mercenaries, pirates of the crimson fleet, [and] violent spacers,” so you should be able to look forward to plenty of combat during your adventures too. 

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Starfield is due to launch exclusively on Xbox Series X and PC, thanks to Bethesda being now owned by Xbox, on the 11th of November, 2022. 

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