Battlefield 2042 beta will reportedly start September 22nd

September 3, 2021
Battlefield 2042

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It appears that Media World may have had their dates mixed up, as new reports have emerged which point towards September 22nd being the start date of Battlefield 2042’s beta. 

The new reports which come from seasoned leaker Tom Henderson, as well as being corroborated by GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, appear like they might be on the money this time, quite literally, as Henderson is staking 10 copies of Battlefield 2042 on it. 

“The #BATTLEFIELD2042 Beta is September 22nd,” Henderson confidently claimed in a tweet. “I’ll give away 10 copies of #BATTLEFIELD2042 to 10 random people that Retweet this if it ends up not being true,” he continued, standing by what he said. 

After Henderson’s Tweets, Jeff Grubb corroborated these reports on his GrubbSnax show by saying “this is something I originally heard from Tom Henderson, who is a very good Battlefield leaker, and then I was able to confirm it separately,” (via VGC).

Previously it was believed that Battlefield 2042’s beta was due to start on September 6th, thanks to a promotional image from Italian retailer Media World, however, this appears to no longer be accurate in the face of these new reports.

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Regardless of when this open beta actually happens, you’ll need to have either preordered Battlefield 2042 or be an EA Play member if you want early access before everyone else gets their hands on it.

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