Bad news: Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is missing out on a game-changing feature

by Surur
June 10, 2020

We have already heard that Samsung has placed orders for components to start mass production of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, and that the handset is on track for an August 5th release.

That has not changed, but unfortunately, it appears, to hit that target Samsung had to drop a much-anticipated feature along the way.

Korean site The Elec reports that Samsung has abandoned its ambition to support the S-Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

The issue is reportedly the durability of the screen, with both Ultra Thing Glass and transparent polyimide (PI) film not being strong enough to use with the S-Pen.

Samsung even investigated using glass with variable thickness, thicker on the panes and thinner in the fold, but was unable to make this work.

It appears the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will simply be an improved version of the original Fold, without any new game-changing features.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will reportedly be somewhat cheaper, for a larger addressable market, and will benefit from the addition of Samsung’s Ultrathin Glass (UTG) technology. It will have a  7.7-inch internal screen (up from 7.3 inches) and will ditch the notch for an Infinity-O camera. It will, of course, have the latest Snapdragon 865 processor and 5G support.

Recently published patents also suggest Samsung will make the device water and dust resistant, which would help increase the longevity of the device tremendously.

The device, and a slew others, are expected to be launched on the 5th August.

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