You’ll soon be able to autosave in Notepad, but …

August 31, 2023

Want to autosave in Notepad? Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

The autosave feature Notepad has just arrived in the recent update of the popular app. Now, as Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25941 for Canary channel insiders, the update comes with this hotly-anticipated addition that everybody has been longing for for years. 

Starting from version 11.2307.22.0, you won’t need to manually save your work on Notepad. It’s similar to how it works on Microsoft Word: the app will automatically pick up the open tabs that you left off and any unsaved content in those tabs. And yes, you can also open a new tab on Notepad – a new feature that’s been around for quite some time now. 

The best part about this? Upon our testing and as per Microsoft’s documentation, you’ll still have the free will to toggle this feature on or off in the Settings. 

Here’s the “but.” So far, though, this update is only available for those in the Dev and Canary channels. That means we may need to wait a little longer for them to arrive on other channels, especially in the Stable for general users. 

This isn’t just an ordinary build. Build 25941 has also brought a few important tweaks to Snipping Tool, its popular screen/video-capturing app. From now on, there’s a “combined capture bar” so you can easily jump between taking screenshots or screen recordings, and more.

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