Asus’s gold Surface Pro clone is coming to Europe


Fancy a gold Surface Pro 3? Microsoft may not be selling those just quite yet but Asus’s got you covered with not one, but two differences – the Asus Transformer 3 and the Transformer 3 Pro. While both devices were announced at Computex earlier this year, they were only available for sale in Taiwan and other Asian markets. Now, at IFA 2016 Asus has announced that they will be bringing these devices to the European market as well.

With a kickstand, removable keyboard and Windows 10 on board, Asus’s Transformer 3 Pro looks like the Surface Pro 3’s long lost brother Jeff  who went on a rebellious stage with gold and a tattoo on his forehead. But that doesn’t mean this device doesn’t come with some new tricks of its own. While it comes with the standard metal kickstand and backlit Transformer Cover Keyboard  – it also brings with it a 3K resolution display and Harman Kardon-powered stereo speakers. It’s a bit pricey, starting at €1200 for the base secs and going all the way up to  €1800 for the i7 equipped, 1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM powerhouse.

ASUS also has a lower cost version for users with more modest wallets. It’s thinner and lighter than the Surface Pr Transformer 3 Pro, coming in at 6.9 mm to its 8.35 mm, but it tops out at 512 GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM, combined with a Transformer sleeve keyboard for  a less premium experience.

For those looking for future looking.experiences, both devices pack USB Type-C ports, and fingerprint readers for authentication via Windows Hello.

They’ll be available later this year, so if you’re interested you’ll probably be able to find it at your local retailer, Amazon or direct from Asus themselves.