Apple will let iPads act as an external display for Macs

April 16, 2019

Apple’s iOS 13 isn’t the only thing the firm has cooking for WWDC. Cupertino is working on a new feature for macOS 10.15, the next iteration of the desktop operating OS that will allow MacBook to more seamlessly using external Windowing.

9to5Mac describes the feature as such:

The new feature – called “Sidecar” internally – can be accessed via a simple menu. This new menu will be opened by hovering over the green “maximize” button in a Mac app window for a split second. The menu will have options for making the window fullscreen, tiling and moving to external displays, including the user’s iPads and external displays connected to the Mac. Selecting one of the display options moves the current window to the selected external display or iPad, in fullscreen.

According to the report, this feature will let users take advantage of the other display. So iPad Pro users will be able to draw on app windows which are being cast from macs. An iPad will in effect become a Wacom tablet, albeit one that is also still an iPad,

It’s an intriguing feature and one that pushes Apple’s device philosophy forward. While Google and Microsoft are in place to offer multi-device functionality, they haven’t quite gotten the execution down right. Google’s Pixel Slate has been a mess, and Microsoft’s mobile ambitions remain as lofty as being an add-on to Android devices.

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