Apple may be touting the Apple Card’s super-security credentials, but it’s still vulnerable to the oldest credit card scheme in the book — skimming. An Apple Card user discovered, much to his dismay, that his card was being used to make purchases several states away from him.

Getting in contact with Apple support, the rep said:

I do not know how this could [have] happened. It’s very rare for your card to be in two places at one time. Since our physical cards have no number on it, it’s very hard for someone to copy it.

The Apple Card, unlike other credit cards, does not have the numbers on the back of the card — an additional security measure. le it’s not clear exactly how the card was stolen, MacRumors speculates that the man was a victim of skimming.

“Card details are taken at an ATM using a device that copies the information or even steals the card – in some cases cameras record a PIN number as it is tapped in. Some crooks simply use ‘shoulder surfing’ – looking over your shoulder to get details,” ThisIsMoney UK says about skimming. Obviously only the first method here is applicable to Apple’s numberless card.

Ultimately, what this story reminds us is that despite Apple’s security measures — users still need to keep their eyes open lest their wallets empty that much faster.