Brad Anderson gives us another look at his Surface Duo

by Surur
April 9, 2020

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There seems to be momentum building around the Surface Duo, with multiple Microsoft execs flaunting the device on social media.

The latest is Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, who posted this picture showing off the device by his poolside.

A closer look can be seen here.

The WC reports that the device may be heading to market earlier than expected, and may hit shelves as earlier as Summer 2020, which would be Q3 rather than Q4.

We have of course already heard that the Windows 10X version of the device, the Surface Neo, is likely being delayed till 2021, leaving Microsoft free to focus on the Android-powered device.

Of note is that the picture suggests there is still no rear camera, meaning the picture posted yesterday by Panos Panay may be as good as it gets.

Are any of our readers planning to pick one up? Let us know below.

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