Panos shares first photo taken with the Surface Duo


7, 2020

The camera on the upcoming Surface Duo has been a source of controversy and confusion since its launch, with Microsoft alternating between downplaying its significance and promising a world-beater.

Today Surface head Panos Panay posted the very first camera sample taken by the Surface Duo on Instagram.

Here is a closer look.

I think it is fair to say it’s not great, with poor dynamic range and a lot of softness, even accounting for the fact that it is a compressed picture from Instagram.

Presumably the picture was taken from the selfie camera on the device, with the prototype devices being showed off so far lacking main cameras.

If this is the final solution the Surface Duo launches with I suspect Microsoft will have no trouble keeping up with demand.

What do our readers think of the image? Let us know below.

Via the wC

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