Another day, another date – AT&T Fuze now set for 11/11 launch



The HTC Fuze, AT&T’s version of the HTC Touch Pro, has seen many launch dates come and go, but at least you want have to wait too long for the latest one.

The BGR has received internal AT&T documents dating the Fuze for a November 11th launch. According the BG the device will be rather pricy:

  • No Commitment : $499.99
  • 1 Year Contract w/o $50 MIR : $424.99
  • 1 Year Contract w/ $50 MIR : $374.99
  • 2 Year Contract w/o $50 MIR : $349.99
  • See the full series of AT&T documents at the BGR, including documentation regarding the accessories that will be available for purchase.

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