Amazon reveals new GameOn API to increase competitive community engagement in games


19, 2018

In addition to Facebook’s new Games SDK that aims to increase community engagement for PC games, Amazon is also looking to do something similar. For Amazon, however, the company is focusing on competitive engagement. Amazon has announced GameOn, a set of flexible APIs that let developers easily add options like leaderboards, leagues, and multi-round competitions into their games.

Some of GameOn’s key features include real-world and in-game prizes, flexible competition creation, and user-generated competitions. All of this is aimed at driving monetization for the developer, growing a game’s community, and keeping players coming back for more.

To keep competitions fun and fair, developers can define entry requirements based on “geographic location, device type, player skill level, and more.”

According to TechCrunch, the system will be free to use until May 1. After that date only the first 35,000 tournament plays per month will be free. Anything more will cost $0.003 each.

You can read more details about GameOn here.

Via: Amazon, TechCrunch

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