Amazon gives New World players a “waiting” emote as well as hope for region transfers


20, 2021

After the overwhelmingly popular launch of New World which crippled the game’s servers for several days, Amazon Games are working to restore faith with a free emote and renewed promises. 

To make up for all the waiting players have already had to endure, Amazon Games has announced that they’re giving players two in-game items for free, “The Stoic” title, as well as the somewhat ironic “Waiting”, emote.

These in-game items come as part of the recently released 1.0.3 patch which also fixed a number of issues and bugs within the game. The 1.0.3 update also began to roll out the server transfer feature, allowing players to finally move their characters between servers and worlds. 

Previously, the New World team promised, and then later U-turned on the promise that players would be able to transfer their characters between regions, however, it appears that Amazon Games is working on a solution to the problem that they once deemed “not possible.”

“There is potential, yes, and we are working on it now,” New World community manager TrevzorFTW explained in a recently updated server transfer questions megathread when asked if regional server transfers could come in the future. 

“Cannot provide an ETA because it is a very different process, but when we realized we had created confusion on this, we felt we owed it to the community to find a solution.”

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With no release date in sight for region transfers, it seems that players who sequestered themselves off to different regions to find empty servers upon New World’s launch will have plenty of time to use their brand new waiting emote.

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