New World developer Amazon Games has announced that players won’t be able to transfer their characters between regions, backtracking on a previous statement. 

Shortly after New World’s launch, when it was facing the worst of its server troubles, Amazon Games promised that players would be able to “relocate their characters to a new server of their choice at no cost,” in the future, in order to stop players clogging up the most popular servers. 

It appears that statement wasn’t entirely true, however, as in a recent forum post from community manager “Luxendra” it was announced that “unfortunately the original information provided was incorrect.” 

Instead, rather than being able to transfer their character anywhere, players will only be able to transfer within the region that their character was made, as “each region is a separate database and it is not possible to re-assign as character to a different region.”

Needless to say, this statement quickly drew the ire of New World‘s community, many of whom had made their characters outside of their own regions in order to play on day one. With many players having poured upwards of 100 hours into these characters since the game’s release, people are understandably a bit miffed at the idea of having to start all over again if they want their main character in their own region. 

At the moment, it appears that Amazon Games can’t do much to quell the communities anger, especially if the messaging is correct this time, and region transfers are impossible. If that’s the case, hopefully, Amazon Games can offer some compensation to stricken players, as many in the forum post are already threatening to quit over this debacle.