The Allay could be Minecraft’s next mob 

October 13, 2021
Minecraft Allay

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Mojang has announced the second of three potential mobs that could be coming to Minecraft thanks to Minecraft Live’s player vote. 

Similarly to the Glare, the first mob to be announced for this player vote, the Allay is a rather adorable flying creature that’s already got a worryingly large amount of fan art over on the Minecraft subreddit

This may be because, unlike the Glare mob, the Allay appears to be rather very useful as if you give an Allay any item, then it will “come back with matching items or more of the same.” Alongside this collecting, the Allay “is also a huge music buff” so it will love to dance to music and hang around note blocks. 

It’s too early to call the winner of the player vote, especially with one more mob yet to be announced, but it seems that the Allay is definitely leading the charge, with many players already excited about the possibilities of this new mob. 

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Minecraft Live is due to kick-off later this week on October 16th at Noon ET / 5 PM BST, so make sure you’re watching if you want the chance to vote on which mob is coming to Minecraft next.

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