Alan Wake is coming to Xbox Game Pass very soon



Remedy Entertainment’s amazing Alan Wake will soon be available in Xbox Game Pass.

Coming as part of the horror-action game’s tenth anniversary, Alan Wake will be available in both PC and console versions of Microsoft’s video game subscription service.

For those of you who can’t wait to get their hands on the game as part of their monthly subscription, you’ll only have to wait until Thursday, 21st May.

If you don’t already own the game or you don’t own Xbox Game Pass, you can get the title to own on PC foot 90% off on Steam, GOG and the Epic Store.

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Remedy Entertainment has also teased that the wonderful world of Alan Wake is somehow important to their DLC for Control. With Remedy purchasing the rights for the IP from Microsoft last year, we’re excited to see the franchise return. In fact, Control offered some fantastic Easter Eggs for the game that we’ve got listed right here.

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When we reviewed Control, we called it “one of Remedy’s most inventive and captivating titles yet.”

“For those still bummed out over the disappointing Quantum Break, Remedy has done well to improve on everything that upset players before. There’s more of everything: combat, content, style and story. This is the proud return of Remedy: distanced from the cold grasp of television, this is a full, lengthy title that always entertains. This is one of Remedy’s best.”

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