Remedy Entertainment acquires Alan Wake IP from Microsoft


1, 2019

Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind Max Payne, Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control has acquired the Alan Wake IP from Microsoft.

Previously, the rights for the episodic horror title Alan Wake were held by Microsoft. Before now, if Remedy were to make a sequel to the game, it would have been exclusive to Xbox and PC platforms. While the developer has shown their interest in making a sequel, there hasn’t been any news on a new game’s development.

The acquisition of the Alan Wake IP comes alongside a one-time royalty payment from Microsoft at the rate of €2.5 million for previously released titles. (Thanks, Global News Wire)

Whether or not Alan Wake and its sequel American Nightmare will be ported over to other platforms wasn’t announced. Although, a Switch port of the original would be a fantastic Halloween release. (I’ve gone and excited myself again.)

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Hopefully, we’ll see more from Alan Wake franchise in the future. After all, with the original game ending on a rather big cliffhanger, fans have been waiting for a sequel for years.

Alan Wake originally released back in 2010. DLC was released for the game which continued the story. A straight-to-digital sequel, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, was released in 2012, but it failed to live up to the original game’s strong narrative.

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