Remedy’s Control shines a new light on Alan Wake through these four awesome Easter eggs

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February 2021 PlayStation plus

Remedy’s newest Lynchian nightmare Control is one of the best games to grace a video game console, or your PC if you roll that way. The supernatural world that you’ll explore within the Federal Bureau of Control is certainly unique, but the world of Remedy’s newest game isn’t the only one to reside within this dimensional-shifting plateau. Instead, it shines a new light on Remedy’s other best game ever: Alan Wake.


Alan Wake’s strongest link to Remedy’s newest work is found throughout the game’s many collectible documents. Two documents in particular detail the events of Alan Wake through the eyes of the FBC. One focuses entirely on Alan himself trapped within the other world, unable to write away his escape. Another focuses on the actual events that occurred in Bright Falls from an official sensibility.

Document 1: Typewritten Page (AI83-KE) aka Typewritten Page

This page can be found within the fifth floor of the Panopticon within the sixth unit. Nearby, you’ll even find a video of Wake as he reads out the contents of the page. The contents are as follows:


The web page was found in an occasion of the Oceanview Motel and Casino that was linked to the Investigations Sector. The web page had been pushed into the motel’s hall from below the door with the image of a Spiral. [REDACTED]


(Text transcribed from the item)

“For ten years I’ve tried to write my escape, only sinking deeper. I used to know where fiction ends and reality begins. Here, they are all the same. It’s a hideous trap, my every move made real. Fear. Desire. How can I ever know for sure I’ve escaped and not just lost in my own fantasy of it? That thought alone can drive you mad.”

The identifiable phrases within the scratched out portion:

“Falls” (Bright Falls?), “haunting”, Wake (Alan Wake?), “light switch”, “ocean”, “too late, and the final sentence “you’ve been warned”.

Document 2: Bright Falls (AWE-35) aka Bright Falls Supplement

This document is found along the route of the main story late into the game.


Alice Wake, Mr. Wake’s spouse, was discovered through the Bureau investigation. She was interviewed and evaluated. She confirmed indicators of extreme psychological trauma within the type of [REDACTED] reminiscence loss. She was later directed to therapy. It was concluded that she had been trapped within the Threshold throughout its manifestation.

Notable people nonetheless lacking after the Bright Falls occasion are FBI Special Agent Robert Nightingale and Dr. Emil Harman (seek advice from “The Creator’s Dilemma” and the file re: the Cauldron Lake Lodge).

Bureau researchers imagine this occasion was the results of a forceful notion of subjective actuality (stemming from Mr. Wake) overlapping on our personal. Wake has been flagged as a possible parautilitarian (see Prime Candidate Program file for extra particulars).

In 2011, a ebook by Clay Steward titled “The Alan Wake Files” was revealed by Roundabout Press (New York and Olympia). Agents interviewed Clay Steward and suspected minor parautilitarian sensitivity. He was positioned below indefinite surveillance.


A monitoring station was established at Cauldron Lake to alert the Bureau of any future exercise.

Audio Recording

Alongside the notes, Control also offers another instance in which Alan Wake’s world combines to create a dimensional split. On your way to the search for the SPOILERS Slide Projector Object of Power, a voice recording is found that details a conversation between a young Jesse Faden and her psychiatrist.

In the conversation, Jesse recites a poem to her psychiatrist. Jesse’s psychiatrist claims that she’s never heard the poem before and that the alleged author, Thomas Zane, never existed. (Snippet of clip inserted below)

Thomas Zane is a central character in the events of Alan Wake. A poet who visited the town of Bright Falls in the 70s, Zane eventually succumbed to the interdimensional Dark Place beneath Cauldron Lake. Jesse’s knowledge of the poet is important: her experience with interdimensional beings from events we won’t spoil here may have graced her with knowledge that no one else holds.

As for Control’s forth Easter egg – that we found – the title makes numerous references to the Wake series’ band Poets of the Fall. While there isn’t an amazing rock concert section like their other apparences, there is a truly memorable section to go alongside their awesome rocking.

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