8 Best AI Tools for Event Management in 2024

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AI Tools for Event Management

These best AI tools for event management let you conduct brand and corporate events smartly, successfully, and at an affordable cost.

After reviewing more than 32 tools that claim to offer AI capabilities, I found the 8 best options.

Whether you’re organizing a corporate conference, a gala fundraiser, or a virtual summit, these AI event management apps make all the difference.

Best AI Tools for Event Management

I had strict requirements for the tools I included on my list. They should help you plan, budget, select venues, choose & manage vendors, promote, register attendees, coordinate logistics, and manage guest participation.

The following AI tools cover all of the above. Here’s a quick overview:

Tool NameCostPlatformGood AtImprovements Needed
Durable AIStarts at $15.00/ monthWebWebsite building, email marketing, CRM contacts, invoicing, third-party content embeddingShould offer native ticketing or event seat-selling solutions
Monarch$14.99/ monthMobile and webEvent budgeting, financial reporting, expense monitoring Must integrate text-to-budget and image-to-budget features with AI
NowadaysStarts from 5% service chargeWebAll-in-one event management copilot with AIShould allow users to try out the AI copilot autonomously
Attendee InteractiveCustom pricingWebManage event logistics and participation with AIMake AI available in event management modules
QueryPalStarts at $15.00/ user /monthSlack and TeamsAI chatbot to answer queries linked to event data, texts, websites, databases, knowledge bases, etc.Should extend platform support to mobile apps and websites
OveitStarts at $199.00/ monthMobile and webA GPT-powered AI that suggests event configuring steps, promotional and marketing insights, generating articlesFacilitate deep integration of EventGPT with event management web interface
RingCentral EventsStarts at $750.00/ license/ yearWebMust facilitate text-to-budget and image-to-budget features with AI Should reconstruct the pricing model to let brands and agencies try out limited features as trials
CoefficientStarts at $49/ monthDesktop and webAI data nalytics tool for Google Sheets and Microsoft ExcelIntroduce templates specifically for event management scenarios

Now let’s explore each app in more detail:

Durable AI

Durable AI

Durable AI is a great tool for creating websites for event promotion, marketing, ticketing, and many other tasks related to event management. It utilizes text-to-site technology to set up websites via prompts.

You don’t need to create website content, images, color palettes, page menus, etc. The AI website builder will automatically produce appropriate content according to the instructions you provide in your prompts.

It also offers AI-powered marketing automation services. So, you can easily promote your event for maximum engagement through channels like social media, email, Google Ads, and reviews.

Durable AI CRM

There’s a CRM you can use to add attendees, prospects, guests, etc., and maintain constant communication with them. If you’re going to sell bulk tickets to corporate entities, you can also use Durable’s AI invoicing tool.

AI websites created through the app let you create an online communication platform for the event management team and attendees. For this purpose, you can add the necessary website widgets like Messenger Chat, Telegram Button, and WhatsApp Button.

For registration and ticketing, you can use the Embed feature to link third-party event ticketing and registration services to your Durable AI property.

Durable AI analytics

To understand how prospective guests and participants engage with your event’s website, you can use the AI website analytics tool In this module, you can access metrics like Visits per day, Online users, Unique visitors, Page views, Most viewed pages, Most scrolled pages, Peak hours, etc.

Regarding privacy and security, Durable AI’s Privacy Policy claims that the tool uses commercially viable and standard security protocols to protect your website data. It utilizes Secure Bearing’s network and cloud infrastructures to safeguard your data.

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Monarch is an AI-driven budgeting app for event expense tracking. It comes with a spreadsheet-like transaction monitoring database. When synced with the dedicated bank account for the event, the tool automatically fetches the relevant spends under specific tags.

You can create one or more event spending plans in dedicated spreadsheets with credit heads like approved budgets by clients and expense heads like websites, mobile apps, ticketing, food, decorations, venues, props, and more.

You can also add a goal for spending to avoid over or under-utilization of funds. In the dashboard, Monarch will show you a clear picture of the used budget, credits left, and goals achieved.

Monarch uses state-of-the-art security systems to protect your financial data and bank accounts from fraud and hackers. It utilizes financial data aggregating services from Finicity and Plaid. These third-party providers use role-based access controls and data encryption to transmit your financial data from the source to the Monarch app.

They also publish SOC 2 Type 2 reports, which indicate compliance with the highest standard of financial data security.

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Nowadays is the first of its kind AI copilot for event managers and agencies. It addresses the common pain points of event planning, such as endless calls and emails, tight schedules, and budget concerns.

Its AI automates various tasks, including reaching out to venues and vendors, managing emails and calls, and assisting in budget management.

Notably, it offers personalized recommendations tailored to your requirements. The AI adapts to the individual tastes of the whole team. It offers a custom-made digital event planner accessible at any time.

The emphasis is on simplifying the planning process, making it not only efficient but also enjoyable.

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Attendee Interactive

Attendee Interactive

Attendee Interactive is an AI tool that covers the four most critical phases of event management. It helps you streamline, organize, and ease tasks in event planning, event logistics, attendee learning, and attendee engagement.

The AI tool is highly customizable. You can make changes in your event when necessary and the app’s communication channels will automatically inform your team, vendors, attendees, and anyone else involved.

It can also help you easily create a budget plan. Then, you can track expenses in real-time, create financial management reports, and share them.

To keep your attendees happy, you also get the following features:

  • Event registration
  • Online event portals
  • Virtual event broadcasting
  • A dedicated mobile app for the management team and participants
  • Audio-visual content production and presentation

Moreover, the AI uses data collected from past and present events to plan future ones. It detects improvement opportunities and expense heads where savings can be made and adjusts the plan for the next event automatically.

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QueryPal uses Large Language Models (LLMs) and GenAI to produce accurate replies to questions linked to your brand.

Therefore, this is the perfect AI chatbot to answer all queries regarding your event automatically. You can also create different models of QueryPal to suit a wide range of events.

When you allow the tool to access your event’s knowledge bases, planning documents, chat channels, etc., the chatbot extracts information to prepare answers. It can collect data from various apps like Notion, Slack texts, Confluence, Jira, Microsoft Teams messages, and PDFs, to create tailored answers for event management team members, vendors, and guests.

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Oveit is a complete event management solution with a tailored AI for event planning, budgeting, attendee guidance, event communications, and more. At its core is the EventGPT AI, which in turn, is powered by OpenAI’s GPT 4.0 model.

It works like an event management assistant. If need help setting up the properly-scaled payments and event registration systems, AI will guide you through the whole process.

To help you increase registrations and participation, the AI looks for networking opportunities within the registered attendees. If it finds any, it alerts you to send marketing communications to people connected to the registered participant.

Suppose you’re struggling to figure out the kind of activities your guests would like, you can ask the EventGPT AI to suggest relevant ideas. It can also help you create professional and engaging content for social media, email, messenger apps, websites, landing pages, Google Ads, etc. This allows you to clearly communicate with the guests.

Often, you find it challenging to choose the right vendors for various supplies and services for your event. Here, EventGPT can analyze the performance, track records, and documents of new vendors and figure out who can offer the best service at an affordable price.

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RingCentral Events

RingCentral Events

If you’re planning to host a gigantic business event spanning online, offsite, and onsite locations, you must try out AI events by RingCentral. Its AI helps you from start to end – from event planning to feedback collection at the closing ceremony.

The tool is so powerful that you can scale it up to manage more than 100,000 participants in hybrid or real-world events. This AI events copilot offers the following all-in-one services:

  • Produce online pages for events using AI-generated content.
  • Create highly engaging copies and texts for emails and landing pages.
  • An AI-based multimedia editor to extract exciting video clippings from event recordings so you can share short videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.
  • A unified data analytics workspace and dashboard to visualize data from ticket sales, engagement scores, waitlists, revenue from registration, and more.

The RingCentral Events tool offers enterprise-grade data security and privacy features. It has active compliance certificates from top data privacy regulation bodies like CPRA, GDPR, and CCPA. The tool also deletes all traces of the event and its attendees when you decide to close the event management project.

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You often analyze data from past events to plan and plan upcoming ones. However, the data you collect can comprise thousands of rows and columns. On top of that, if there’s more than one event, you can only imagine how challenging data analysis could become.

Here comes Coefficient at your rescue.

It offers AI-driven data analytics, so you can easily import a huge raw dataset from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. It then guides you through using generative AI in the following aspects:

  • Learn about important filters in your dataset.
  • Create automatic pivot tables in desktop and online datasets on Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Refresh spreadsheet data automatically.
  • Use pre-configured dashboards and reports to get started from an anchor instead of from scratch.
  • Update cloud datasets from Google Sheets in MS SQL, MySQL, Snowflake, etc.

An advanced use case of Coefficient is attendee sentiment analysis.

You can collect reviews, feedback, comments, etc., from participants in a worksheet. Then, use GPT-powered functions in Google Sheets to analyze those to create a sentiment analysis profile. Using this, you can send personalized communication to your participants.

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Benefits of Using AI for Event Management

Let’s explore below the benefits of using AI for event management processes, backed by real-world examples:

Streamline Event Planning Tasks

Nowadays, Attendee Interactive, Oveit, etc., use advanced algorithms to streamline matters related to planning. For instance, AI can analyze historical attendee data and attendee preferences to recommend ideal venues. Thus, you can save time and resources by ensuring the event locations desired by participants.

Offer a Great Guest Experience

Integrating AI-driven chatbots into events, like those seen at TED conferences or Dreamforce, enhances attendee experiences. These tools deliver instant assistance, allowing guests to easily access program data, navigate the venue layouts, etc. AI tools also offer personalized recommendations that further enhance the experience.

Effective and Affordable Promotion:

Tools like Oveit, Eventcombo, RingCentral Events, and ExpoPlatform use AI algorithms to optimize marketing campaigns. For example, the AI-powered marketing automation feature analyzes audience demographics and behavior. Then, it runs targeted email campaigns. The process ensures that event promotions reach the right audience at the right time, maximizing turnaround at a minimum cost.

Effortless Data Analytics and Insights:

AI analytics tools, such as Coefficient, deliver actionable insights into attendee preferences and behavior. For instance, analyzing social media interactions and post-event surveys can reveal which sessions or activities resonated most with attendees. So, next time, you can focus on those activities to generate more participation from the target audience.

Automation and Accuracy

These AI systems streamline attendee check-in by incorporating features like facial recognition. Such technology also reduces wait times and improves overall event efficiency. Not to mention, the system ensures precise attendee tracking and credential verification.


Despite misconceptions, integrating AI into event management is affordable. Many AI-powered tools offer flexible pricing models, such as pay-per-use or subscription-based plans. Moreover, the time and resource savings you gain from AI implementation result in significant cost reductions.

Better ROI

All the benefits above combine to produce better ROI. You get better marketing, more attendees, and automation for the best possible experience.

How to Choose the Best AI for Managing Events

Before subscribing to an AI event management app, look for the following features:

Data Security and Privacy

When working with people and personal data, security is paramount. Look for an AI tool that prioritizes it with features like:

  • Encryption: Encryption types like SSL, HTTPS, TLS, etc., scramble your event data, making it unreadable to unauthorized parties.
  • Access control: This ensures the tool offers granular access controls, allowing you to restrict user permissions to specific data sets, venue areas, spending power, etc.
  • Compliance: Choose an AI solution that adheres to relevant data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA.

Integration With Third-Party Apps

A seamless integration with your current event management ecosystem is important. The ideal AI tool should integrate effortlessly with apps you already use, like:

  • CRM Software: This lets you leverage existing customer and lead data for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized attendee experiences.
  • Email marketing tools: Streamline communication with attendees by integrating your email marketing platform with your AI tool.
  • Payment gateways: Ensure your chosen AI tool integrates with secure payment gateways to facilitate easy and convenient online registration and ticketing.


AI excels at automating repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to focus on strategic planning and creativity. Look for features that automate tasks such as:

  • Registration and ticketing: Automate the registration process, allowing attendees to register and purchase tickets online in self-service platforms.
  • Email follow-ups: Set up automated email sequences for pre-event reminders, post-event surveys, and feedback requests.
  • Task management: Leverage AI to create automated task lists and reminders, keeping your event planning process organized as an AI project manager.

Machine Learning (ML)

You’ll also need Machine Learning in your AI event management tool. This technology lets your software analyze past event data to extract insights. It also allows tools to create simulations of events to choose the best scenario from many samples.

Therefore, you can gradually enhance the overall outcome of your events, whether it’s about increasing subscribers, customers, or investors.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP technology allows AI tools to communicate with you, your event management teams, and guests in natural languages like English, French, Spanish, German, and so on. Suppose you want to create a website for an upcoming event registration. You can use text-to-website features to achieve that without knowing how to code a website.

Similarly, NLP can help you create copies that convert participants, emails that attract registrations, videos that impress guests, and so on just by commanding the AI in simple texts.

Effortless UI and UX

The user interface of the tool you pick should be simple and easy to understand. For example, if you’re offering online ticketing, the app should show detailed instructions about registration. Users shouldn’t spend time learning the app or web interface, or they might abort the event registration process.

Personalizing apps and websites for an event with no code is also an important part of the UI. Look for tools that allow your event teams to visually reconstruct app and website parts according to the event theme, branding guidelines, and more.


Ensure the chosen AI tool is compatible with your current hardware and software infrastructure. Consider factors like:

  • Device compatibility: Will the AI tool run seamlessly on your preferred devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones)?
  • Operating system compatibility: Is the tool compatible with your operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.)?
  • Internet bandwidth: Does the AI app require extensive download and upload bandwidth to work properly? You might not always get a high-speed connection, so less bandwidth-hungry apps are better.


AI event management tools come with varying pricing structures. Before you sign up, consider the following factors :

  • Subscription fees: Some tools offer monthly or annual subscriptions, while others have a pay-per-user model.
  • Implementation costs: Factor in any potential setup or implementation fees.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Evaluate the long-term cost benefits. AI can potentially save you time and resources, leading to a significantly better ROI.
  • Hidden fees: At all costs, avoid AI event management software that comes with hidden fees, undisclosed service fees, etc.

AI Tools for Event Management: Unveiling Possibilities

If you’re here, congratulations! You’ve explored the best apps to manage events with the help of AI assistants, chatbots, or copilots.

If you prefer an all-in-one solution, you should check out Nowadays, Attendee Interactive, Oveit, or RingCentral Events.

However, to reduce cost and expand customization options, you can use a set of AI tools, like Durable AI, Monarch, QueryPal, and Coefficient.

Did you try any of the AI tools for event management I showed you? Do you know a better AI copilot for event management that I missed mentioning? Comment below!

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