5 Best AI Quote Generator Tools in 2023

August 31, 2023
AI quote generator

In a world like ours, where information flows ceaselessly online, capturing and engaging your audience’s attention is one of the most critical elements. Content creators, marketers, and individuals always seek a more engaging and immersive way to share their ideas with the greater public, and using an AI quote generator can provide you with a proverbial card up your sleeves.

As AI is gradually integrated into almost every aspect of your lives, how the population uses this advantage has taken many forms. You can create AI pixel art with just a few clicks of your mouse and some inspiration and even render amazingly realistic images for architects.

This surge of AI has also affected other fields, as you can now become an artist without knowing how to hold a brush properly. You can, for example, start a t-shirt design using AI art generators¬†or even create the cover of the book you’re writing.

In today’s guide, we will focus on creating fantastic image quotes with AI, so let’s dive right in!

1. Picsart Quote Generator – Best Overall AI Quote Generator

Picsart Quote Generator Interface

Picsart Quote Generator empowers you to create fantastic quote images, including background, text, and other customization elements.

You can create personalized quotes that resonate with your audience by modifying fonts, colors, and text styles. Whether creating content for social media, presentations, or a personal project, Picsart provides all the tools you need to do so effortlessly.

Take advantage of this app’s amazing presets, backgrounds, stickers, and shapes, and create inspiring and powerful quotes for your followers. Whether you want to engage your followers or make your brand stand out, this tool offers everything you need.


  • Wide range of fonts, colors, and styles for highly customizable quotes
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-resolution results ensure excellent quality for your quote graphics


  • Even though some features are free, the full range of capabilities will require a subscription

2. Simplified Social-Media Quote Creator – Time-Saving Design Templates

Simplified Quote Generator

The Social-Media Quote Creator tool from Simplified is a handy, useful app that can revamp your social media strategy by helping you create engaging quote images with the power of AI.

This tool is essential for all content creators, including businesses, influencers, and individuals. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anybody to use, and the vast templates are conveniently handy.

After you’ve logged in and chosen the AI Writer tool, choose the Social Media Quotes option and customize the post for any platform you might be using. The app has presets for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so you will always have content to share with your followers.


  • Streamlines the process of creating attention-grabbing image quotes
  • A great range of valuable templates saves you time
  • It helps maintain your brand’s consistency with on-brand templates


  • Templates can restrict the customization features
  • Accessing the premium features will require a subscription

3. BoredHumans Famous Quote Generator – Instant Repository for Wisdom

BoredHumans Famous Quotes Generator Interface

The Famous Quotes Generator from BoredHumans is another good tool to create fantastic quote images for your following, social media page, or any other online environment.

This exceptional tool enables you to access curated collections of timeless quotes from some of the most renowned figures across time and the globe. Whether you seek guidance, motivation, or a touch of eloquence, this generator provides you with everything you need.

Famous Quotes Generator also offers easy access to all its features by presenting a user-friendly interface. This, combined with the many insightful quotes, you can effortlessly take your quote-creation process to the next level.


  • Offers access to a curated collection of timeless quotes from famous people
  • Contains a wide variety of content types for different situations


  • The customization level is limited when compared to other options

4. Taskade – Motivate Your Daily Tasks with AI

Taskade Quote Generator Interface

Taskade ensures that you can integrate motivation into your task lists, journals, and notes by using powerful AI technology to give you relevant quotes across your day.

As you organize the tasks from your list, the AI-powered app will give you uplifting quotes that have the potential to turn every moment into an opportunity for personal growth.

You can generate specific quotes or use the Expand option from the menu and dive deeper into some of the subjects already presented to you.

This app was designed to infuse positivity and assurance in your everyday life while enhancing your focus and drive to complete any tasks on your to-do list.


  • Integrates AI motivational quotes in your tasklist
  • Any quote can be expanded to include other variations and other new quotes on the same topic
  • Encourages users to stay inspired and focused


  • Mainly designed for task management with a boost of inspiration
  • Customization features are limited compared to other options

5. Instasize – Great Database of Quotes on Different Topics

Instasize Quotes Interface

Even though it is not as complex as other software options from this list, Instasize provides users with valuable capabilities for generating quotes.

That being said, this app is the easiest to use from the list, but it lacks the complexity of the other apps. This implies that you should stick with other options if you want more complex and personalized quote generation. But, if you need a fast and easy-to-use app, Instasize could be perfect for your needs.

You can choose from quote subjects like anniversary, birthday, cute, funny, famous, teamwork, success, etc. Even though the range of quotes is quite limited compared to other tools, it can help users find the correct quote for any occasion.


  • Provides a large set of quotes separated into different categories
  • Can generate new quotes for the same category
  • Allows for quotes to be saved on the platform


  • Customization is extremely limited, as the quotes are presented in image format with text

AI quote generators are ushering in a new era in which nobody is limited in creativity, allowing for fantastic engagement in the digital landscape. These AI apps’ ability to easily create captivating quotes has made them very important for some creators and marketers, so try them out today!

Let us know which app you chose by using the comment section below.

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