5 Best 3D AI Art Generators in 2024

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Most people are embracing 3D artwork which has led designers to look for the best 3D AI art generators. These AI tools, enable you to create 3D models from videos, text, and images.

In this article, we’ll explore the best generators that have changed the perspective of artists and designers towards their craft.

These tools come with extensive features that allows you to generate virtual environments and lifelike characters pushing your boundary of imagination.

1. Spline AIBest for real time edits

spline ai

Spline AI is one of the best 3D AI art generator that allows you to use text prompts to create realistic 3D models and animations. All you have to do is describe your preferred creation and let Spline AI handle the rest.

The user friendly technology will help you to effortlessly create realistic 3D models with just a few words.

This AI tool comprehends prompts of various levels of detail, accommodating your specific requirements. For instance, you can provide prompts such as “a brown bear roaming in the woods.” It will generate a realistic 3D model that matches your description.

Spline AI also has collaborative features that help you to create a seamless teamwork with your fellow designers.

You can use this AI tool from any device, which will give you an opportunity to do real time edits and even share your creation with friends. This speeds up collaboration, bringing ideas and projects to life faster than ever before.

2. Luma AI Best for immense data processing capacity

luma ai

Luma AI is offers an advanced capability to generate photorealistic 3D models based on textual input.

The tool has a revolutionary Imagine function that sets Luma AI apart by allowing you to bring any concept to life in a 3D model, regardless of your background in 3D modeling or graphics programming.

Although it is not yet widely available, early reviews highlight Imagine as one of the most powerful tools for 3D creation.

Luma AI goes beyond just converting text into 3D objects; it also has the ability to transform a live video stream into a stunningly realistic 3D environment.

Leveraging the immense data processing capacity of AI, this feature identifies objects in the scene and renders them in 3D, providing you with an immersive experience.

This cutting-edge software empowers you to digitally reconstruct entire arts from recorded environments.

3. MeshcapadeBest for high-quality 3D images

3D AI art generators

Meshcapade is a highly advanced 3D AI art generator that offers a top notch platform for effortlessly generating outstanding 3D models through text inputs.

The primary objective of this platform is to simplify the process of creating 3D avatars. This allows you to focus on your core services without the inconvenience of acquiring suitable 3D models.

Meshcapade caters to all avatar requirements with its patented technology. From creating precise digital replicas to animating fantasy characters.

It operates on a single platform that seamlessly integrates with various game engines and graphics software.

The developers have dedicated considerable effort into crafting a platform that delivers high fidelity 3D models with minimal friction, exceptional accuracy, and complete portability.

This guarantees that you can effortlessly and efficiently create impressive avatars. One remarkable feature of Meshcapade is its ability to generate accurate digital replicas in a unified 3D body format from diverse data sources making it relevant across multiple industries.

The platform enables the creation of digital doubles from a single image regardless of the pose or size. This functionality proves particularly advantageous in e-commerce settings where businesses can benefit from precise 3D avatars.

4. Rokoko Best for great filters


Rokoko has a wide range of features that help streamline the animation process making it an indispensable choice for countless professionals in this field.

With Rokoko at your disposal, effortlessly transforming motion from video to 3D becomes not only achievable but also painless through its free AI motion video capture capabilities.

One of Rokoko’s key features is the browser extension called Rokoko Video which is an incredibly useful tool that simplifies the entire motion capture workflow significantly.

Its empowering capabilities allow artists, whether beginners or pros, to visualize their work before fully committing to it hence enhancing a sense of creative confidence.

Furthermore Rokoko Studio, a complimentary program provided by the company empowers you to record motion using your computers’ webcam and refine the resulting motion capture data.

The program offers several handy filters, such as a foot lock and drift editor ensuring animation consistency and quality.

All in all, Rokoko stands out by providing a user-friendly experience while incorporating powerful features that enhance the animation process.

5. Masterpiece Studio Best for a user-friendly interface

masterpiece studio

This excellent tool revolutionizes the process of creating 3D models and animations by transforming mere words into vibrant, lifelike creations in a fraction of the time and effort.

Instead of manually constructing complex models and animations, you can bring your ideas to life with a simple text input and the click of a button.

The Masterpiece Studio AI Text-to-3D Generator offers impressive capabilities and also boasts a user-friendly interface, making it the most accessible 3D creation tool available today.

Masterpiece Studio converts descriptive text you give it into an actual 3D model by harnessing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

For instance, if you type in “trampoline,” the AI generator will meticulously craft a detailed trampoline model based on your specifications.

With the Masterpiece Studio AI Text-to-3D Generator, you don’t have to do the hectic work of obsessing over every minute detail in creating a model.

Instead, the AI handles all the heavy lifting allowing you to swiftly move from concept to creation within minutes, with just a few clicks.

Final Words

Now that you have seen the best 3D AI art generators, you can select one that you prefer. When choosing the art generator, consider aspects like user-friendliness, accuracy in generating art, accessibility, and many more.

With this information in mind, you’re good to go and start generating your 3D AI art right away.