A new The Crew game has leaked online


24, 2021

Screenshots for a new game in The Crew franchise dubbed Project Orlando has been leaked onto Reddit by user RacingGameGuru0300.

Despite only recently being datamined, these screenshots have reportedly been present in The Crew 2’s files for some time, as it’s believed that Project Orlando was once planned to be a DLC for the game. 

From the leaked screenshots, it appears that Project Orlando is set in Hawaii, and features “massive race,” and “all star,” game modes, at least one of which is presumed to be a battle royale-esque mode which one screenshot describes as a “breathless crew vs crew race, up to 100 players.” 

After spotting these leaks on Reddit, seasoned leaker Tom Henderson announced on Twitter that “the game is not actually The Crew 2 DLC. It’s currently just dubbed as “The Crew: Orlando” and is a completely new game with a new driving engine.”

According to Henderson Ubisoft “weren’t happy with The Crew 2 are and just overhauling everything…” so it’s a possibility that this game could be a remake or reboot of the franchise. 

Project Orlando is currently believed to be in pre-alpha at Ubisoft Ivory Tower with no release date set yet, so we’ll have to keep our ear to the ground for new information in the future.

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