A developer managed to install Windows 10X on MacBook

by Anmol
February 14, 2020
Microsoft Surface Neo 2 Windows 10X

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Just a couple of days back, Microsoft released the Windows 10X Emulator and tools for developers to start working on dual-screen devices like Surface Neo. This also gave customers a chance to play with the software and experience dual-screen phones for themselves.

While the emulator just to give developers a way to test their apps on Windows 10X, one developer went ahead and installed it on his MacBook. Twitter user @imbushuo shared a short video showcasing Windows 10X running on his MacBook.

While the emulator is still a little rough, it does give an idea of what Windows 10X might end up looking like in the future. Moreover, the emulator also made MacBook behave like a dual-screen device and allowed the user to snap two apps side-by-side.

User @imbushuo also shared some other aspects of Windows 10X including the external screen behaviour, Start Menu, and the About PC page.

Microsoft has no plans to bring Windows 10X to laptops but if the company does bring it, this is probably what Windows 10X  would look like on a regular laptop with Keyboard and Mouse.

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