Microsoft releases new Windows 10X emulator and tools for developers to create dual-screen apps

containers on windows 10 x

During the Microsoft 365 Developer Day webcast today, Microsoft today shared its vision for dual screens. Along with the details about designing apps for dual-screen devices, Microsoft released new Microsoft Emulator and tools that will help developers in developing apps and testing the apps for Windows 10X. The new Microsoft Emulator can behave naturally and adapts to the different device postures. Microsoft is planning to release several updates to Emulator in the coming months.

Microsoft last month announced the availability of the preview SDK for Microsoft Surface Duo that allowed developers to learn about creating dual-screen experiences for Android. Today, Microsoft announced the updated preview SDK for Surface Duo that includes all Java native samples as Kotlin samples, drag-and-drop to help you capture the value of moving data between two apps on dual-screen devices, and to support users on MacOS, Linux (Ubuntu), and Windows with Android Studio, Visual Studio, and VS code integration.

Source: Microsoft