YouTube is testing pinch-to-zoom feature on Premium subscribers

August 5, 2022

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Different devices already have their own ways to allow zooming on YouTube content. On the desktop, you have the option to use the “Ctrl” and mouse scroll combo to do it. On a mobile Android or iOS device, on the other hand, there are accessibility features to activate. Now, YouTube is trying to make that capability a native feature on its platform using the new pinch-to-zoom gesture it is testing until September 1.

However, it is important to note that YouTube is not testing the feature on just anyone in public. As always and expected, YouTube Premium subscribers can get to try the new feature, just like the previous ones YouTube tested to the group, like the improved playlist management capabilities.

The pinch-to-zoom feature works both in portrait and landscape mode and allows the user to zoom in on any part of the video playing, making it possible to observe specific areas of the videos. In addition, the feature offers up to 8X zoom.

If you are a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can activate the feature using the YouTube app on Android. Just tap your profile photo and then the Your Premium benefits. This should show you the Your Premium benefits page. From there, you can activate the pinch-to-zoom feature.

On the other hand, though YouTube is testing the feature to gain feedback from users, it is still unclear whether it will be rolled out to the general user population in the future. But in case it won’t, it is nice to know you always have your phone‘s accessibility section to rely on.

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