YouTube is exploring new Music playlist UI

Got this new playlist UI on my Galaxy Tab A7 (and not on my Pixel 6 lol), looks really clean! from YoutubeMusic

After some changes we have seen in the YouTube Music app recently (such as the color splash background theme, “Add to playlist” UI, smart downloads icon, and “Mixed for you” cover art), it seems we are getting another update in its look. In an Android screenshot leaked by a French Reddit user with a Galaxy Tab A7, the new design being tested shows updates focusing on the app’s playlist UI, which consists of the new arrangement of buttons and layout of music playlist information.

The current layout and design of the app are practical and neat. Still, in these times where aesthetics are also an important element contributing to an excellent user experience, this update is a pleasant change for the YouTube app. After all, it is probably just the perfect time for YouTube to present such new design changes since the current app’s look is a bit on the outdated side now, compared to others. The older design of the YouTube playlist comes with a plain black background with big buttons for shuffle and play. However, in the new design shared, big improvements are seen.

The cover art is placed in the middle, albeit it is still at the upper portion of the screen. It is composed of the artist’s image on the left portion of the cover art with the playlist name positioned vertically on the right. Above the cover art are the art creator’s name and the date the playlist was last updated. However, it is noticeable that the font size of the text for the said information is rather small. The playlist name is reiterated under the cover art, but it comes in bigger font size, with a matching description under it. Meanwhile, the background sports an upper part with a blurred image of the cover art, while the lower part comes in a neat black color. The transition between the black portion and the blurred image is smooth, giving the background a stylish look. 

On the other hand, the buttons are lined up equally in a horizontal placement under the cover art and its information. All are contained in circles to make them more prominent and noticeable. The controls included in this set are the Download, Add to Library, Play, Overflow Menu, and Share buttons. The Cast and Search buttons remain on the top-right section of the screen. Surprisingly, the new playlist design doesn’t show any option or control for shuffling the playlist.

As for the list of songs, they are still located at the lower portion of the screen with the same layout and information. They still have their respective album arts, title, song length, artist names, and menu buttons for each song (three vertical dots).

Lastly, some believe that the new UI design will apply to the playlist generated by communities and algorithm-generated individual playlists. However, reports say that the new UI design only applies to the playlist and not to albums, but we’re still hopeful there will still be significant changes before the final rollout comes.

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