Microsoft recently announced the general availability of the phone calling feature for their Windows 10 Your Phone remote phone access app (for those on Windows 10 20H1), meaning you can make and receive calls on your PC, redirected from your phone.

your phone calls

The Your Phone app is available for all iOS and Android handsets but is most prominently featured on high-end Android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 via the Link to Windows feature.

It turns out some users have been running into issues when trying to use the feature, with the error “You have apps installed the prevent you from making calls. Some apps conflict with being able to make calls.”

It turns out our last favourite remote phone access app, Dell’s Mobile Connect app, which has long offered the same feature, can not work at the same time as the Your Phone app.

The solution is, unfortunately, to uninstall the Dell Mobile Connect app, restart your PC, and try again.

It has become less difficult to choose between Your Phone and Dell Mobile Connect, with Microsoft regularly adding and expanding features to the app.

Microsoft most recently added an improved phone gallery feature to the app, support for using the touch screen on your PC to interact with your phone, dual-SIM support, better notification support, and features such as transmitting your battery status and wallpaper to your PC and support for pen input. The app is also directly supported by both Samsung and Microsoft, unlike the Dell Mobile Connect app.

If you have not installed the Your Phone app, you can find it in the Store here.

When forced to choose between the excellent Dell Mobile Connect app and Microsofts Your Phone, which one do you choose? Let us know below.

Via Applaus