Your Phone app’s messaging to get picture-in-picture support, and this is what the UI looks like

by Rahul
June 1, 2020

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The purpose of Microsoft’s Your Phone app is to reduce the gap between a Windows PC and an Android phone and while the company needs to work more to achieve that goal, in the course of last few months, the app gained some seriously impressive features that make you work seamlessly on your PC and at the same time be updated what’s happening on your smartphone without having to unlock your smartphone.

Microsoft is working on yet another important feature for Your Phone and that’s Picture-in-Picture support for Messaging. Simply put, the PiP mode for messaging will let you open a separate window for a specific conversation as well as let you resize and freely move the chat window on the desktop. This feature will be helpful in a scenario where you’re working on something important on your PC and at the same time having an important conversation with someone.

PiP mode for messages in Your Phone app | Image: Alumia

The feature is currently in the development phase, meaning we don’t know as to when Microsoft will make the feature available for the general public. Although not confirmed, it’s likely that Microsoft will test the PiP mode for messaging with Windows Insiders first.

Microsoft is also working on a new tab called “Apps” and while we don’t know much about the feature as yet, it’s possible that it’ll show all the installed apps on your smartphone that’s linked to your PC via Your Phone app. It might also let you uninstall the apps on your smartphone right from PC.

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via ALumia

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