Your big idea could win a Microsoft Surface Hub and $25,000 for research

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Research is holding a new competition to “expand the potential applications of the Surface Hub across all aspects of society, from the workplace to the home to educational settings and beyond.” Microsoft is looking for new ways in which the Surface Hub can contribute to work, collaboration, communication, as well as learning.

Microsoft believes the Surface Hub will be as empowering and as transformative to teams and the shared work environment as the PC has been to individuals and the desk. We are thus developing business productivity and collaboration apps that take advantage of the Surface Hub’s unique modalities for multi-person input, collaboration, and brainstorming. But we know that these capabilities will be equally valuable in the home and classroom–in fact, in any venue where people need to come together to think, ideate, and produce—and we’re eager to involve the academic community in fully exploiting the Surface Hub’s potential.

As you may expect, there are some awards and prizes – Microsoft will select 10 proposals, and the winners will get up to $25,000 and one 55″ or 84″ Surface Hub. The deadline for submitting your proposal is June 12, so you should probably start brainstorming already. Make sure to head over to this page to find out more about the project.

Source: Microsoft Research
Thanks, David K. for the tip!

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