You will be able to schedule Teams messages from next month

by Rahul
January 8, 2022

Microsoft is hard at work to introduce useful new features to its collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams. Last year, the company had announced a number of new features that the company was planning to add to the platform, though the company didn’t share with us the timeline as to when they’d be available for the general public. But thanks to Microsoft 365 roadmap page, we now know when the schedule message, one of the company’s announced features, will debut in Teams.

According to the roadmap page, Microsoft will let Teams users choose a specific time when they want the message to reach its destination. The roadmap page also suggests that the feature will be available for everyone in February. The delay delivery of messages will work exactly like how it works on Outlook. So, if you’re using Outlook, you can check the feature right now—it won’t be any different in Teams.

However, it’s worth noting that the schedule message feature will be available for the Teams desktop clients at launch. Unfortunately, Microsoft shared no information as to when the mobile clients will get the benefit.

Microsoft will introduce a bunch of new features to its collaboration tool next month, one of the noteworthy ones being the Fluent Designed-based emojis. Apart from that, Microsoft will be adding a bunch of useful new features to Teams in the next couple of months, including the ability to hide your own video, video filters, and more.

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