Microsoft Teams Fluent emojis delayed to February

by Rahul
January 3, 2022
Microsoft Emojis Fluent

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Microsoft has been in the process of giving a Fluent Design makeover to all its apps and platforms. A couple of months ago, the software giant introduced Fluent Design based emojis to Windows 11, but the company wants to expand the new emoji system to applications like Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has been working towards adding the new Fluent Design-based emoji system to Teams for quite some time now. The feature was supposed to to roll out to Teams users in the month of November last year, but for some reason Microsoft had to delay the rollout. Luckily, Teams users won’t have to wait that much as Microsoft 365 roadmap page suggests that the new emoji system will be available for Microsoft Teams users in February.

Microsoft’s Fluent Design-based new emoji system is already available in for platforms like Microsoft 365, Windows. And now by bringing it to Microsoft Teams, the company will be one step closer to its goal of achieving design consistency across all its platforms and applications.

However, it’s worth noting that we don’t know anything about the exact launch date as the roadmap page mentions only the month, February. It doesn’t mention exactly when the feature will be rolled out.

Microsoft Teams emoji

Meanwhile, Microsoft will be adding a bunch useful new feature to Teams in the next couple of months, including the ability to hide your own video, video filters, and more. But like the new emoji system, the these new features might also get delayed.

How many of you’re excited about the new emoji system in Microsoft Teams? Let us know down in the comments.

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