You can buy Halo’s Moa burger on a shirt now


31, 2021

Microsoft has unveiled a new T-shirt to pre-order, featuring the Moa burger of Halo Reach and Pringle’s flavour fame. 

The shirt is pretty charming as gaming-related T-shirts go, with a yet to be burgered Moa appearing in cartoon form saying “Have S’Moa Burger” which is just charming.

If you can’t throw your money at it fast enough and want the shirt today, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait three to four weeks for it to ship, as the shirt is currently only available for preorder. 

We’ve already seen the Moa burger make an appearance before, as a kind of real thing you can taste, with a limited-edition flavour of wavy Pringles of all things, so this shirt is just continuing the burger lore.

It’s sadly pretty likely that this was just a cool shirt to make, especially after the limited edition Pringles, rather than a promise of real burgers to come, or that they might be important in Halo Infinite

With all this fanfare, however, if you can’t shovel Moa burgers into your helmet in the game like you can cans of Monster Energy in Deaths Stranding, I for one am going to be very disappointed.

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