Yammer conversations are getting a big update

by Surur
August 7, 2021
Microsoft Teams Yammer Communities

Yammer is Microsoft’s corporate micro-blogging service designed to help foster the creation of communities inside companies and facilitate communication.

Microsoft says Yammer has tens of millions of monthly active users and that usage has doubled year on year.

Today Microsoft announced a number of new features coming to the client. These include:

  • Nested Replies: Yammer now has one level deep nesting which preserves the context around conversations, by grouping nesting replies to a comment, underneath the comment.
  • Deep linking: Clicking on notifications in Yammer now takes you to the exact message that triggered the notification.
  • Deletion Message: Yammer now allows you to delete content while still preserving the context around the discussion. The deleted content is replaced by a message that states¬†this message has been deleted.
  • Bi-directional Pagination: When you land in the middle of a long thread on Yammer, you will now be able to unroll the conversation in both directions (upwards and downwards pagination).

The improvements will be rolling out to the Windows 10 desktop, web, mobile, and Mac clients.

One feature is exclusive to the web client:

  • Feed Sorting: You now have the option to sort the community feed which allows recent posts to show up first, ensuring your community feeds are easier to scan.

The improvements are available now if you toggle the new Yammer experience but it will begin rolling out in early September and expect to complete rollout early October.

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