Microsoft is sending some mixed messages to Japanese customers of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as their biggest Japanese launch game, Yakuza Like A Dragon,  is delayed indefinitely in the region on Xbox systems.  

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is a key launch title for Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen consoles,  Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, in all markets the console is launching in.  However, despite the game being made in Japan and even releasing in Japan for PlayStation 4 last year,  the game will not release on Xbox systems in Japan.

Reported by Japanese publication Game Watch,  the upcoming AAA turn-based RPG has been delayed indefinitely for Japanese Xbox gamers even though the game already has both a full Japanese version and an Xbox version created.

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This unfortunate news follows Microsoft’s first hint at actual success in Japan for the Xbox brand as both waves of preorders for both of the company’s next-gen consoles have sold out in the region. Japan was also listed as Microsoft’s fastest growing region.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon launches on November 10th on PS4,  Xbox One,  Xbox Series S,  Xbox Series X and PC. A PS5 version will release next year